Self Portrait

There are quite a lot of people who may  either know me, or  have worked with me, or just seen my work as a Commercial/ Advertising/Fashion and Portrait Photographer, and you can review my main commercial website at any time after leaving this one.
Now, ever since  I started my life as a photographer, I also took the best advice I could ever receive from a photographer and Mentor I respect so much when he said, “Never stop shooting personal work".   Those words have since haunted me and helped shape my career. So I engaged since the very early stages of my self-teaching process to become a photographer into developing a series of images of personal projects. 
It was very easy for me to understand - intuitively- and without any logical thinking or planning, that I wanted to photograph the Nude and explore the feminine form as a way to express my own emotions, feelings, and ideas.
Now, this process started to manifest while I was finishing my studies to become a full-fledged Chemist. After 2 degrees in Chemistry and working as a chemist in weird fields, like researching the Biochemistry of Schizophrenia, then jumping to Crystal formation and microscopic interactions via Electrochemistry, and finally working in a commercial Analytical Chemistry Lab, something snapped in my head and I left everything behind and jumped almost overnight into Photography. A full Transmutation process occurred!
Strangely enough, what prompted me to go to college at a very young age (16) to study Chemistry was a motivation to better understand what the Alchemists were always discussing in the hermetic books: Transmutation, the processes to transform the mundane into something more refined, more pure and meaningful. Alchemy was always like a mix of science and philosophy, with profound spiritual meanings,  which caught my attention during my teen years as an avid reader, and of course, college did not remotely give me any answer to my questions!
So this is when my training as a Chemist, more curious about Alchemy than anything, and my inner development and growth as a  visual creator got entangled together and started to give shape to my personal work with the Nude.
Somehow, my own “transmutation” from being a chemist and becoming a visual creator, the equivalent of having lived two totally different lives in the same lifetime, is what keeps me exploring the subject in all of my personal work, always finding ways to bring secondary and tertiary readings and meanings to the images, a quest for meaningful personal values beyond the main appearance of the bodies in the images.
      The women in my images have become an integral part of each project. In addition to being the creator of the concepts and the Production and Post-Production of all the work, they know very well how much appreciation and respect for them I bring to the mix, to the point that I have kept working with some of them for year and years. My wife says I am being more feminist than any woman she knows, so here goes my appreciation for all women. 
My most recent developments towards setting foot in the Non-Fungible Tokens ( NFT) Marketplaces have now created a new process of Transmutation of my work, as I get deeper into Digital Art forms, including more motion than ever before. Stay tuned for the full series appearing in the NFT Marketplaces.

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