The Nude in the Fine Arts throughout  History: 
Challenging Censorship

 I want to remind everyone that I have a cool presentation available about the Nude in the Fine Arts through History, and it is an interesting overview of Women in Society through all the phases of humanity in this planet, where men have most of the time ruled and basically suppressed and oppressed women as a form of control.  
Art is definitely a great way to see the evolution of society through the experiences of women of different ages and cultures. 
One of the most critical issues regarding the nude in the arts is the way religions are currently using and abusing their power and influence to tag nudity as pornography and something sick that needs to be overruled. It is of particular interest in this discussion how the current set of religions and cults pretend to impose a massive control on the circulation of artistic imagery of nude bodies, and impose strict social rules on women, while their own leaders use and enjoy online pornography in their "secret lives" when no one sees them...
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FAST FORWARD TO THE PRESENT TIMES and the appearance of the  Non-Fungible Tokens and Smart Contracts,  the Decentralized Web 3.0, the Decentralized Apps  (Dapps), Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO's), and the NFT marketplaces are introducing a massive change in the interpretation of the Nude and it's multiple visual interpretations through Animations, Digital Art renders, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc, etc, that I truly feel this will break the vicious cycle that has existed for way too long in the relationship between humans and their bodies
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