The Art of the Body and much other Fine Art Limited Edition Series by visual artist Jorge Parra are rapidly entering the new Digital Art Marketplaces as Non Fungible Tokens, bringing a new range of opportunities to new and young collectors to access Fine Art work that was previously available only through the limited and filtered world of galleries and museums. 
Yuou can also explore some of the NFT artworks at the Metaverse Gallery from SPATIAL.
 Jorge is planning to add a large group of motion works and animated stills not available anywhere but in the NFT marketplaces like Rarible, Foundation , SuperRare, KnownOrigin, etc, In early December, at least one of his NFT Stills is going to be showcased during Art Basel 2021 in Miami, and the upcoming New York NFT 2022 and 2024, plus the Metaverse Miami Conference 
Jorge Parra's persona in the Digital Art / NFT Marketplace is @FIneArtKrypto.
Stay tuned through both the Twitter account and the Instagram account for news and updates 
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